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Today: April 24, 2019

To select outstanding books from Gujarati literature, to translate them into other Indian languages including English and to publish them.

We always talk about ‘Glorious India’. This chant reaches deafening echo especially around 15th August and 26th January. But what do we actually do to make India glorious? India can become truly glorious only when there is co-operation; harmony and mutual respect between her various regional languages, cultures, religions and social practices.

We parrot names of Shakespeare, Edger Allen Poe, Hemingway, Sartre, Kafka and other western intellectuals to establish ourselves as intellectual and learned individuals. But ask these same so called intellectuals about Indian luminaries and they can barely recollect Ravindranath and Premchand and few other masters and go no further. There is only one reason for this sordid state of affairs; even if we rise above the regional language with which we are familiar we invariably look to the west for direction. It is unfortunate that we never even glance at the rich body of work in other regional languages of India.

Institutions like ‘Sahitya Academy’, ‘National book trust’ and other semi government organizations have tried to fill this deficit but they have not been very effective as they have to function under rigid bureaucracy and red-tapism. For better effective results, professional publishers and other NGOs active in this task can do a much better job.

Even if a publishing house decides to print the works in other than its own language, it simply doesn’t have the means of translating in so many languages and lacks the distribution network to reach throughout the length and breadth of our vast motherland.

Then what should we do?

Gujarati Sahitya Pradan Pratishthan has been active in this Endeavour since 2005. We have taken the initiative to translate qualitative books of Gujarati language to other regional languages and to see them successfully published by the professional publishers of the concerned language. Since the concerned publisher is of the same language, the books published under this project can reach to the related linguistic people smoothly. Because of this the work in one language can reach people speaking other languages and thereby creating better cross fertilization of thoughts and making our culture richer.