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Today: April 24, 2019

Publication Year – 2005

Hasyam Sharanam Gachchhami

Shri Jyotindra Dave

Shri. Jyotindra Dave took the humorous literature in Gujarati to its highest peak and about 23 articles selected from his different books were edited by Shri. Ratilal Borisagar. The multifarious subjects and the style of the author make us laugh hilariously sometimes or make us smile for long time after we have read the articles. According to our noted scholar poet- Shri Umashankar Joshi, “Humor laughter and Jyotindra Dave are synonyms”.

Translator: Triweniprasad Shukla

Publisher: Pratibha Pratishthan, New Delhi


Amavasya Ke Tare

Shri Kisansinh Chawda


These gripping and living caricatures (mostly autobiographical) were published in the monthly ‘Sanskruti’ which was edited by the noted poet author in Gujarati – Shri Umashankar Joshi. The name of the serialized column in the monthly was “Gypsy-ni-Ankhen”. It is said that the readers of ‘Sanskruti” found theses articles very heart touching and the column was very popular. These human interest stories were actually based on the varied experiences of the author himself and the characters depicted in these articles are taken from real life and are fantastic. The different characters created by the author have a distinct place in Gujarati literature.

Translator: Dr. Prajnya  Shukla

Publishers: Gyanganga Prakashan, Delhi.



Publication Year- 2006


Madiya Ki Shreshtha Kahaniyan

Shri Chunilal Madiya

Out of all the authors who have contributed to the short story literature in Gujarati in the 20th Century the name of Shri. Chunilal Madiya is the most prominent. Shri Madiya has selected his best stories during his own life time. The selection consists of about eighteen stories. Now this collection is available in Hindi. The reflection of life in rural India depicted in these stories would leave any reader spellbound.

Translator: Dr.Navneet Thakkar

Publisher: Prakashan Sansthan, New Delhi.




Harkisan Mehta

Harkisan Mehta is one of the most well known and leading novelist in Gujarati. This novel is based on the fascinating events that took place in one of the Indian states that existed in the beginning of the 20th century. The presentation is so touching that even the tragic ends of the novel leave the everlasting effect on the mind of the reader.

Translator: Harshad Dave

Publisher: Gyanganga Prakashan, New Delhi.



Dilip Ranpura

Among all the novelists of the later part of the 20th century Dilip Ranpura has made a definite place for himself by his style. This novel absolutely unique out of all his eighty three books. This novel raises a number of pertinent questions regarding the current education system. Its Gujarati title is “Sooki Dharati Sooka Hoth”. The flow of the novel is such that a reader identifies himself with the sheer loneliness of the hero’s mind. The end of this novel succeeds in bringing the depth of the human mind on the surface.

Translater: Harshad Dave

Publisher: Prakashan Sansthan, New Delhi.


Publication Year - 2007



Kakasaheb Kalelkar

Kakasaheb Kalelkar is one of the leading scholars of Gandhi era and was influenced by Gandhian philosophy. By birth he was Maharastrian but he was more Gujarati than a Gujarati person. He was the vice chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith and his articles on different contemporary events were published in the weekly “Mangal Prabhat” published by Gujarat Vidyapith. Out of all his writings thirty seven are compiled in this book. The writing throw lights on his ideology and makes us aware of his poetic talent also.


Editor: Dinkar Joshi

Publisher: Prakashan Sansthan, New Delhi.




Karsandas Manek

It is said “Bhagawat is a test for scholars”. Shri Manek has passed this test with flying colours because he has given new dimensions to all the narratives included in Bhagawat. Shri Manek is a poet, story teller, essayist, journalist and folk singer but the way he has given a novel focus to the Bhagawat in this book, he has established himself as a spiritual thinker of the finest order. The author has given modern meaning and references to Bhagawat and converted it into a new saga.

Translator: Dr. Prajnya Shukla

Publisher: Shubhada Prakashan, Delhi





Dr. Ramesh Jani

Dr. Ramesh Jani has captured the simplicity and complexities of human life in a very simple routine, day-to-day incidents presented in a very poetic way in this book. The compilation presents a number of events presented in such a fashion that they make us realize that we have one moment on this earth and one who colours that moment is the ultimate. The events provide us with enough material to communicate with oneself because of its philosophical touch. There are about forty articles which leave us spell bound.

Translator: Lalit Shah

Publisher: Prakashan Sansthan, New Delhi.





Harindra Dave

The plot of this novel, published in Gujarati in the name of ‘Mota Aparadhi Mahelman’ describes the deterioration of human values in the election based politics which has emerged in the post independence period. It is the novel that is quite shocking and also it is thought provoking. The atmosphere and the events in the novel may be imaginary but the reader identifies with experience that he has, in our election based democracy. This novel keeps the readers engrossed in deep thought over the country’s present situation.

Translator: Harshad Dave

Publisher: Lok-Shiksha Manch, Delhi.



Shahbuddin Rathod

Humour is not just for laughing for that particular moment. If it makes you think seriously, it is successful. This book is a compilation of about thirty-four Gujarati articles translated into Hindi. The author has described a number of different circumstances in human life and his style is original and unique. Realities of life and certain deeper aspects of human   nature are presented in such a manner that humor emerges.

Editor: Pallavi Thakkar

Translator: Dr.Navneet Thakkar

Publisher: Shubhda Prakashan, Delhi.



Publication Year-2009



Govardhanram Madhavram Tripathi

This novel is extended over four parts and even though this mega novel has been published a century-ago, it is still considered to be a Mile Stone of excellence in Gujarati literature. That era has gone and those plots are no more there but this novel is still fresh as ever. The essence of this novel is maintained in the condensed version of this mega novel, prepared by Dr. Upendra Pandya. This concise version by Dr. Upendra Pandya has been translated into Hindi. It is said the goethe’s ‘Wilhem Mister’, ‘Arabian nights’, Victor Hugo’s ‘La Miserable’ and Govardhanram’s ‘Saraswatichandra’ are four deities of four directions, sitting on the thrones as queens. The author’s experiences and treasure of knowledge can be compared to great ocean. The philosophical thoughts about religion of the author can be compared to Sweden Borg’s imaginative land or to the Sanskrit poet BanBhatt.

Translator: Dr. Navneet Thakkar

Publisher: Lok Shiksha Manch, Delhi






Ramanlal Vasantlal Desai

Ramanlal Vasantlal Desai is a trend-setter and epoch-maker as far as Gujarati novels are concerned. This novel is based on the struggle for independence which was activated in 1857. It has certain memorable characters like Rudradatta who believes in non-violence amidst the atmosphere of violence. History and civilization have been so beautifully combined in this novel that this novel has found a place of pride in the hearts of three generations of Gujarati readers after seven decades.

Translator: Dr. Prajnya Shukla

Publisher: Shubhada Prakashan, Delhi





Himmatbhai Mehta

British government has created new boundaries after the partition in 1947 but we cannot imagine the number of boundaries in India if Vallabhbhai Patel had not strived. Sardar Patel was recommended as the first Prime Minister of independent India but Sardar Patel very quietly surrendered to the wish of Mahatma. He accepted the leadership of Nehru in a very detached fashion. This book is the short biography of Sardar Patel. People who compare Sardar with Bismark, often forget that Bismark’s activities were on a very small scale and he was quite cruel. This biography looks at the total life of Sardar in a very detached fashion and it is perhaps the first of its kind in Hindi.

Translator: Dr. Navneet Thakkar.

Publisher : Prakashan Sansthan, New Delhi



Publication Year-2010


Shri Bhagawatikumar Sharma

The author narrates here in 41 essays, his reminiscences in a beautiful poetic form through the wonderful prose. These essays are selected from his 10 books of essays. The contemporary society as well as eternal values of mankind are very nicely reflected here.


Edior – Dinkar Joshi

Translator – Dr. Prajnya Shukla

Publisher – Taxshila Prakashan, New Delhi



Shabdayog –

The quarterly literary Hindi magazine ‘Shabdayog’ (New Delhi) has published a special issue exclusively for Gujarati literature. This issue is edited by the veteran Gujarati author Shri Dinkar Joshi. The different segments of Gujarati literature i.e. short stories, essays, biographies, poetries and novels etc. are compiled in such a way that a non Gujarati reader can get himself acquainted with the Gujarati literature very nicely.

Editor – Dinkar Joshi

Publisher – Yogdaan Sanstha, New Dehli



Publication Year-2009


Publication Year-2011

Shunyavkash Me Pratighosh

Jayanti M. Dalal

Science stories are hardly written in Gujarati literature. However this novel is one of this rare category. In the initial reading the novel appears with social background, however it enters into scientific investigations and then very sensitive areas of terrorism, nuclear world war, inter religious integrity are opened.

Translator – Aashit Hyderabadi

Publisher – Shilalekh, Delhi - 110032


Ipsitaayan –

Bharati Rane

Broadly speaking, this book can be categorized as a travelogue. In such type of book usually we read narration of the place, their beautiful locations, how to reach there and what are the facilities available etc. all these narrations are not here. Here we can see through the words seven European countries with their culture, history, social life and their peculiarities. This travelogue reminds us that a human being is basically always of the same nature.

Translator – Jethmal H. Maru

Publisher – Sarjana, Bikaner



Publication Year-2009


Publication Year-2012

Dhumketu kee Shreshth Kahaniya


In the world of Gujarati short stories Shri Gaurishankar Govardhanram Joshi popularly known as Dhumketu posses the status which Premchandji avails in the world of Hindi short stories. The expression of inner values of human relations are unique in his short stories. In this book 15 stories of Dhumketu are translated and placed before Hindi readers. Out of hundreds of stories of Dhumketu, here the editor has selected such different type of stories which draw the attention of Hindi literary world.

Translator – Preetam Prasad Sharma

Publisher – Sahityagar, Jaipur

Andhere se ujale tak

Bakul Dave

When the eye sight is damaged, we say it is blindness. In fact when the physical eye sight is disappeared the inner sight(vision) of wisdom is opened. We know the story of Helen Keller but we do not know such another woman named Muktaben, who lost her eye sight at a very young age and then throughout the life she opened the door of the new world for hundreds of blind women. Here is a journey from darkness to light in a form of novel.

Translator – Lalitbhai Shah

Publisher – Raj Publishing House, Jaipur

Publication Year-2013

Publisher – Sahityagar, Jaipur

Girish Bhatt


Shivcharan Mantri

Sumant Raval


Shivcharan Mantri

Ajay Oza

Here the curtain is opened and we see how the new generation of Gujarati short story writers express their approach towards the human relations. A man resides in the rural area or urban, his natural instincts are basically identical. Even if a science goes ahead the universal character of Human being does not changed. In these three short story collections the authors have balanced both the trends – traditional as well as experimental.

Publication Year-2014

Suryogi Ka Suropanishad

Dr. Sunil Shastri

Translator – Shrimali P. Dave

Publisher – Prakashan Sansthan, New Delhi



Shayer Bazaar Ko Samajhe

Jayesh Chitalia

Translator – Lalitkumar Shah

Publisher – Prakashan Sansthan, New Delhi



Bharat Yatra Ke Pavak Prasang


Translator – Dr. Prajnya Shukla

Publisher – Shubhada Prakashan, Delhi



Hindu Dharma Ki Gyanvardhak Kahaniya 

Nanabhai Bhatt

Translator – Harshad Dave

Publisher – Shubhada Prakashan, Delhi



Shabda Bansuri 

Suren Thakar 'Mehul'

Translator – Dr. Nirmala Chheda

Publisher – Pustak Pratishthan, New Delhi