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Today: April 24, 2019

Pulication Year 2008


Dinkar Joshi-Yogesh Patel

This book has been already published in Gujarati, Hindi and English. Our existence in the land spread over hundreds of miles (from Kedarnath in the north to Rameshwaram in the south and from Dwarka in the west to Jagannathpuri in the east) is in itself a very exiting event. Whatever be the name and address as one’s introduction, being in this pious land is the sum total of the ultimate in life. This book introduces the lives and philosophies of about thirty nine pioneers of Indian civilization like the divine sage Narad, Yagya-valkaya, Patanjali, Charvak, Ved-Vyas, Shri Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, Hemchandracharya etc. In the second part of this book, Indian culture, its symbols, its Vedic literature etc are also explained in a very simple manner.

Translator: Anagha Prabhudesai

Publisher: Majestic Prakashan, Mumbai.



The Hospital-

Dr. Pradeep Pandya

It is a medical thriller, first of its kind in Gujarati literature. The medical profession is directly related to human life. Therefore it is suppose to be very pious Dharma. Unfortunately, this concept is perverted to that extent that those who are in this profession, they deal with the human lives as raw product for making the money and to achieve the success. This novel raised the curtain opened our eyes.

Translator – Chandrashekhar Saint

Publisher – Diamond Publications, Pune


Valvi –

Dr. Keshubhai Desai

The world facing a problem of rationalism, communalism, religious tensions and many other layers of conflict at different strata of the society. The germs of communalism are scraping the whole edifice of the nation. To be of a particular language or religion is an accident by birth but to be above all theses is a human concept. This novel deals with this concept.

Translator – Vineeta Dharma

Publisher –  Diamond Publications, Pune


Valvi –