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Today: April 23, 2019

Publication Year 2008


Dinkar Joshi

This is the Telugu edition of a Gujarati novel “Prakash-no-Padchhayo” which has been already translated in Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, English and German Languages. It can be said that this book has initiated the era of narrative biography in Gujarati language. This book is the tragedy of the  relationship of Mahatma Gandhi with his eldest son, Harilal and his family. This book has also been staged as a drama in a number of other languages. The bollywood has produced a film based on this story.

Translator: Koochi Kameshwari

Publisher: Emesco, Vijaywada



Dinkar Joshi

This novel has the famous Acharya Drona( from the epic Mahabharat) as the central character but it tries to explain a number of secrets of the Kuru dynasty at the psychological level. This novel explains the psyche of the Kuru elders like Bhishma and Drona who were just passive witnesses at the time of Dropadi’s disrobing in the court of Kaurava. This novel has already been translated and published in Hindi and Marathi.

Translator: Aarveeti Vijaylaxmi

Publisher: Emesco, Vijaywada.